Elevate your business with Micromart
Smart Stores

Plug & play, secure and modular micro market technology that simply works.

Elevate your business with Micromart
Smart Stores

Plug & play, secure and modular technology that simply works.

Level up to a secure and smart micro market

The Micromart complete solution will boost your business and prevent shrink at half the Capex of vending machines.

Proven technology you can count on


Orders processed


Smart Stores in
North America


Product recognition


Service uptime

Build your store to fit your space

Combine and customize our Smart Pantry, Fridge, Freezer.

Our AI-powered technology provides the ultimate convenience

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Digital Price Tags

Update prices, push promotions remotely and see them instantly reflected in your Micromart store.

Digital Ad Displays

Wow your customers with video content to promote your products and showcase promotions.

AI Product Recognition

Start selling products right away without lengthy AI image recognition training.

Secured Smart Lock

Secure your store with the anti-theft smart lock. Door unlocks once a valid credit card is provided.

All-In-One Payment System

Multiple ways to pay. Simply tap, swipe, insert or use the Micromart app to unlock.

Modular Store Layout

Plug & play pantry, fridge and freezer that will elevate any space with intuitive and innovative design.

An easy shopping experience

Whether it's early morning or late at night, Micromart stores are ready for your customers.


Customers can tap, swipe or insert their card to pre-authorize and unlock the door.


The product recognition sensors automatically detect what has been taken out, allowing customers to browse products with ease.


Customers will only be charged for items taken and will receive a receipt soon after the door has been closed.

A convenient mobile app to build customer loyalty

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Engage your customers and build retention by integrating your brand in the Micromart app

Notify customers of new products
Communicate special deals and promotions
Reward customers with loyalty points & discounts
Allow customers to browse real-time selection
Provide transparency with ingredient and nutritional information

Heat your meals with the MicromartCooking Tower

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If you already have food preparation capabilities, unlock hot food offerings without changing your business operations. Attract customers with restaurant-quality hot meals. Be confident in the safety and traceability of each dish with packaging ID.

Ensure safety with induction heaters that heat up and cool down quickly.
No mess, no smell, no splatter. Meals are easily heated while sealed.
Get nutrition, allergen and live heating status with the interactive touchscreen.
Serve 3 customers at the same time on a standard power outlet (120V, 15A).

We develop technology to make good food accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our mission is to power fully autonomous stores and connect communities to the food they crave. Designed by operators for operators, we develop autonomous technology specifically for food service. Our intuitive, proven technology and smart platform will allow you to focus on growing your business—and not worry about the tech.


If you're new to Micromart or looking for a new autonomous self-checkout solution, this guide will provide insights into our technology and platform.

How does payment work?

The Micromart Store unlocks after a valid credit card is pre-authorized by the payment system.

AI-powered visual sensors, which are installed inside the cabinets, track what has been taken out. Once the door is closed, the credit card that was used to unlock the Micromart Store will be charged.

How does the Micromart Store know what items are taken?

Your items are pre-registered in the Micromart system with images of their unique packaging. The Micromart Store uses multiple inward-facing AI-powered visual sensors to recognize what items are taken out based on these packaging images.

What if customers put something back?

The AI-powered visual sensors are smart enough to know if customers put something back on the shelf and they will not be charged for these items. Customers will only be charged for items taken out after the door is closed, which ends the transaction.

How do customers receive a receipt?

New customers need to enter their mobile phone number the first time they use the Micromart Store. Customers will then receive an SMS with a link to their receipt, after they close the door. Multiple items taken across the entire Store will be charged under 1 single transaction under 1 receipt.

How do customers know about promotions and weekly specials?

Prices are displayed on digital price tags on the shelves. If there is a promotion or sale, they will be digitally updated and will show the sale price.

In addition, the digital ad displays (top of the cabinets) will feature product promotions with highly engaging dynamic content which will attract customers.

How much space is required to setup a Store?

A single Smart Fridge, Freezer, Pantry is 79" tall, 30" wide, and 30" deep. A Micromart Smart Store made up of 2 Smart Fridges and 1 Pantry will take up 90" x 30" of space.